Most people think of hot and spicy food when it comes to Asian cuisines. While many love the variety of dishes that Asia brings to the world, one in particular loved by many is traditional Afghan food. Afghanistan is a landlocked country with a beautiful history, with a historic identity as a trade route between various countries. As a result, various cuisines from its neighbors influence Afghanistan’s food, infused with its own unique flavors. India, Iran, and Mongolia are the primary influences on Afghani cuisine. But what makes their food so special?

Before we get into what makes Afghani food so special, let us first learn more about this culturally-rich country!

What is the Climate in Afghanistan Like?

The landlocked country of Afghanistan has extreme climates. The winters in the country are very cold, with temperatures reaching below fifteen degrees in and around the central highlands and mountainous regions. On the other hand, the summers are extremely hot, and the temperatures go above fifty degrees in the lowlands. It does not rain much here, but it does snow which is the primary course of water for the entire country. Nonetheless, they grow their own crops and use only local or native produce in Afghan cuisine.

Why is Afghan Food Special?

It is rightly said that Afghan food is a true testament to the authenticity and perseverance of traditional cooking styles and ingredients. The influences from various countries mix and match into Afghan cuisine like no other. When you enter an Afghan restaurant, you can feel the love they add to the food and services they offer. While it is a developing country, it has found the perfect way of finding happiness through its incredible cultural heritage.

Afghan cuisine is largely based on the chief crops produced in the nation, like wheat, maize, barley, and rice. Dairy products like whey, milk, and yogurt also make an appearance. You can also find fresh fruits accompanying Afghan cuisine in Concord, including grapes, pomegranates, melons, apricots, plums, berries, and others. The complete balance in an Afghan dish makes it unique and memorable enough to make you want to go back and try out new recipes frequently.

Adding to the fulfilling experience of a healthy, balanced Afghan dish, you will also find mouth-watering desserts served at the end of the meal. Some common sweets and desserts are Gosh-e-fil, Malida, and Sheer Yakh.

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