Are you bored with the same old cuisines and looking for a unique experience that is the right blend of spices and fats, and is still healthy for you? 

If yes, you should try Afghan cuisine in Concord, California (2995 Monument Blvd, Concord, CA 94520)! Afghan cuisines are simple yet special since the inspiration comes from its history. The landlocked country might not have much on the seafood menu, but the meat and rice in its dishes, heavily dominated by fresh country-grown vegetables and spices, will leave you licking your fingers.

Let us see why Afghan food is healthy for you!

What Makes The Typical Afghan Cuisine a Balanced Diet?

Afghan food has all the essential components like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to ensure a healthy, balanced meal. Afghan cuisine includes bread, rice, meats, and salads. Yogurt also finds a place as a side dish or dip in most dishes. Vegetables like eggplants, potatoes, cauliflower, turnip, and spinach are common in their cuisine. The few predominant flavors you will find in most Afghan dishes are from spices like cardamom and saffron, while others are from floral backgrounds like rose water and orange peel.

Qorma and shorma are also quite popular in Afghan cuisines.

  • Bread: The most common varieties of bread in an Afghan restaurant near you
    are naan — Afghani, chapati, and roghani naan — cooked on the inside walls of a clay oven.
    Naan-e Afghani is regular flatbread while Chapati is a very thin large, round flatbread. While most people choose to make their bread with Maida or all-purpose flour, a healthier alternative is to make them with whole wheat flour. You can easily find both types of flour in the market.
  • Rice: Rice is considered a speciality meal in Afghan cuisine and occasions cannot be special without a rice dish. There are several rice dishes in Afghan cuisine like chalow which is fluffy white rice popularly enjoyed with Qorma dishes like Sabzi, Daal, and Banjan. Another rice dish is Qabeli Palow, which consists of slow-cooked meat with spices, raisins, carrots, and sometimes almonds. Rice dishes are so special in Afghani food near you that it can make or destroy a cook’s reputation. There are also sweet rice dishes like sheer berenj or rice pudding as well.
  • Meat Dishes: Lamb, beef, and chicken are the most common meat in Afghan cuisine and have several varieties. They can be minced or marinated and slow-cooked for hours to get the tender juicy meat flavor. You can also get chicken kabob, chapli kebab, and Shami kabob on the Afghan kebab menu. Another amazing dish is the qormay gosht — slow-cooked bone-in, cut, lamb shank — prepared with balanced spices that makes this dish rich and healthy.

About Afghan Cuisine Concord-

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