When you think of Afghan food, you usually think of the many delicious flavors that come together to create mouth-watering dishes. Afghanistan is a landlocked country, meaning there is no coastline on any side, so the food mainly relies on meat and vegetables. All the ingredients in Afghan cuisine are fresh and don’t require processed food, making the dishes finger-licking good and healthy. 

There is a lot to these dishes to impress your guests when cooking or enjoying Afghan cuisine!

What is Afghan Cuisine?

Afghan food is often described as a fusion of Indian, Central Asian, Persian, and Middle-Eastern cuisines since its history significantly affects the dishes. It is mainly based on seasonal produce grown in the homeland; grains including wheat, rice, barley, and maize, and dairy products like milk, whey, and yogurt.

Why are There So Many Varieties in Afghan Cuisine?

Afghanistan has a rich culinary culture with dishes influenced by several traditions that form a part of its history. However, every region of the country has its own cuisine, varying with climate, altitude, history, and culture.

From every corner of Afghanistan, the different ethnic groups, such as the Tajiks, Turkmens, Uzbeks, Pashtuns, and Hazara, just to name a few, contribute to Afghan Cuisine.

The North-Eastern provinces have Uzbek influence since it is close to Uzbekistan. While the Southern regions are influenced by Indian cuisine since the trade routes between India and Central Asia went through Afghanistan.

Some Popular Afghan Dishes-

Rice Dishes-

Rice is a staple grain in Afghan cuisine. It is so ubiquitous that occasions such as weddings and holiday celebrations would not be so special if they did not serve rice.
Fun fact: Most chefs are judged by how they prepare their rice. If your rice is not on point, nothing else really matters. Here are some typical rice dishes from Afghanistan:

#1- Challow rice: Challow is a plain white rice dish that is flavorful enough to enjoy by itself but is paired perfectly with another dish to give it more flavor. It is traditionally served alongside qormah, casseroles, and stews.

#2- Qabili palow: The beloved national dish is a feast for all your senses. Qabili palow is prepared with meat and stock with various herbs and spices, giving it a variety of flavors, colors, and aromas. It is a soft yet juicy dish served with meat-flavored rice topped with carrots, almonds, and raisins.

Meat and Vegetarian Dishes-

#1- Qormah: Qormah is widespread throughout Afghanistan and has more than a hundred varieties. At our restaurant, we serve Qormay Ghost, Daal, Sabzi and Borani Banjan. You can enjoy Qormah with Challow or naan. Each bite of this heartwarming dish will have you wondering if you have ever had anything like this before!

#2- Mantu: Each mantu dumpling is carefully filled with meat or vegetables, cooked and served with the perfect blend of love, spices, and yogurt sauce. The dumplings are mainly reserved for special occasions like weddings or big events, but you can have them anytime at our place.

#3- Kabobs: You can find kabobs everywhere in Afghanistan, from restaurants to vendors. Afghans love their kabobs, so it is no surprise that there are countless types. Also, every region has its own kabob variation. At Afghan Cuisine, we offer different kinds of kabobs from different areas so you can experience every corner of Afghanistan.

About Afghan Cuisine Concord-

Are you planning to host a special event or enjoy Afghan cuisine for a change? Our quality catering services will ensure that your guests thoroughly enjoy the food and leave with a smile on their faces and a full belly. Conveniently located in Concord, CA, we are voted one of the top Afghan Restaurants in Concord on Yelp and Google. Our restaurant is the first choice of residents living in the Concord area for special events, catering, and authentic Afghan food parties. Visit our website to view our menu and contact us at (925) 521- 9000 for reservations or pickup. See you soon!


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